New work for piano, string trio and percussion (in progress)

New electronic work for HCMF 2019 (in progress)

Base for bassoon and double bass, written for 840 (Feb 2019) 5′

York Minster for the Marsyas Trio (Flute, cello and piano, Jan 2018) 5′

St Andrew’s Lyddington for violin and piano (premiered at 840, 16th Dec 2017) 8′

Maeshowe for the Riot Ensemble and Nordic Music Days (premiered in Sweden April 2018) 12′

Near and Far for vocal ensemble and electronics (written for EXAUDI April 2017) 8′

Distal theories for trombone and cello (written for TwoNewDuo Jan 2017) 13′

Masking set for alto, viola and cello (written for NME x 840 Oct 2016) 10′

Three pieces for string quartet for the Quatuor Bozzini (Feb 2016) 13′

Tadoussac electroacoustic (Oct 2015) 19′

Partial filter for tuba and electronics (written for Oren Marshall Nov 2014) 11′

Tuba study III electroacoustic (Aug 2014) 8′

Cut it out for piano and electronics (written for Mark Knoop 2014) 9′

Piano sketch electroacoustic (2014) 9′

Late lines for cello and electronics (written for Séverine Ballon 2013) 18′

Late lines remix electroacoustic (2013) 18′

Train your body filtered field recording, installation (2011)

A to B for percussion and electronics (2010) 18′

Make it snappy electroacoustic (2010)

Edinburgh flow motion soundwalk (2010) 30′

Non-real time electroacoustic (2009) 12′

Shuffleships electroacoustic (2009) 8′

Breath(e) electroacoustic (2008) 5′


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