acoustic design

  • Acoustic advice for forthcoming exhibitions at the V&A and Wellcome Collection.
  • Acoustic mentor for Emptyset’s installation at the David Roberts Art Foundation. (2017)
  • Acoustic design for the ‘This is a voice‘ exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, London, featuring sound works by various artists. (2016)
  • Advice on acoustic isolation for David Roberts Art Foundation exhibition ‘all of us have a sense of rhythm.’ The exhibition contains multiple sonic art exhibits. (2015)
  • MaxMSP programming for SADcloud light installation (2015)
  • mNAP mobile sound installation. Acoustic construction advice (2014)
  • Rose theatre acoustic assessment for potential new Clore learning space (2014)
  • London Contemporary Music Festival Advice on control of reverberation for Parmegiani festival (2014)
  • City University Sound Art and the Environment. Visiting tutor leading soundwalks and a visit to UCL’s anechoic chamber. (2013)

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