Monthly Archives: August 2020

Line of Parts at HCMF

I created this piece as part of a programme run by the Centre for Research in New Music at Huddersfield University (CeReNeM) to get more women composers using the their immersive sound system (HISS). It was presented as a multi-channel installation during the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2019, and then released as a stereo mix down on SNVariations in summer 2020. Alex de Little reviewed the piece for Tempo.

I composed it from layered field recordings made in the Cairngorms and my balcony in Finsbury Park, sine tones and humming. The title comes from a poem by Richard Skelton.

NB this scheme ran again in 2020 with Yorkshire Sound Women, and will hopefully become an annual event. Apply!



September for Apartment House

I was commissioned by Rainy Days festival to write a new piece for Apartment House, which they premiered at the 2019 edition of the festival. The piece (piano, string trio, perc.) is an investigation into counting, repetitive processes, and listening. Programme notes by Tim Rutherford-Johnson and myself can be found in the festival catalogue pp146-149. Thank you to everyone who played, and to festival director Lydia Rilling for inviting me.