Maeshowe for sextet and sine tones

The Riot Ensemble premiered my new piece Maeshowe for sextet and sine tones in April 2018. We travelled to Helsingborg in Sweden for the concert which was part of the Swedish Society of Composers’ 100th birthday celebrations.

Maeshowe is part of my Real Spaces series of pieces which are based on the impulse response of particular places.

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to work with the brilliant Riot Ensemble, who were: Ausiàs Garrigos (clarinet), Andy Connington (trombone), David Royo (percussion), Fontane Liang (harp), Neil Georgeson (piano), Louise McMonagle (cello) and Aaron Holloway-Nahum (director).  Thanks very much!


Helsingborg Riot rehearsalHelsingborg composers and ensemble



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