Monthly Archives: June 2016

Sounding the Great Hall

Really looking forward to taking part in Sounding the Great Hall at Goldsmiths this weekend, an event for artists experimenting with sound in space organised by Tom Mudd. I will be playing some instrumental and electronic sounds this Saturday 2nd July at 4.45-5.30pm.

It’s free and informal — there will be 8 loudspeakers set up in unusual locations in the hall  (including inside the organ) and the audience is invited to move around and change their experience of the sound.

The event is free and runs from 1-9pm on saturday and 1-5pm on sunday. The full line up can be found here:

Post-note: A really successful event, thanks to everyone involved. I particularly enjoyed Pouya Ehsaei’s space filling sounds, Tristan Clutterbuck’s clicks and pops,  Daniel James Ross’ choral manipulations, Sarah Angliss’ instrumental ensemble and playing my string quartet through the organ! Some photographs below (credits to Daniel and Peter Rodgers).
Post-post-note: Tom put together two great radio shows to document the Sounding the Great Hall events, which were broadcast on Resonance FM. An excerpt from my set is in the first show