Monthly Archives: November 2015


While I was in Canada in June this year, I visited a town called Tadoussac which sits on the St Lawrence river where it meets the Saguenay (and is, incidentally, really good for whale watching because of this).

The coast around Tadoussac has a good mix of sounds. It’s dominated by water and wave noises, with wildlife occasionally joining in. Underneath it all is a constant rumble created by the ferry which operates 24/7, taking people and cars to Baie-Sainte-Catherine, across the Saguenay and the mouth of north America’s only fjord.

I made some recordings on one of the local beaches and in Ocotber composed this 18 minute piece with filters and a few other things. It’s about change of listening focus from one element to another. When I stood on the beach the rumble of the boat went from distant to dominant, and the glassy tops of the waves went from unheard to crunchy foreground.