three tuba studies

Three studies created using recordings made at SaM workshop 1 in April 2014. Processed using supercollider and protools. I’m working towards a ten minute piece for Oren Marshall which will be recorded in August and performed in Huddersfield in November. Study I – saw Isolating  the lip tearing sound at the end of a loud, brassy note and repeating with overlaps. Study II – near/far Separating the close mic feed and the room mic feed of the same sound and looping. Changing listening focal point. Close mic was a DPA omni in the tuba bell, room mic was earthwork cardioid about 2ft from tuba. Study III – tube air Layering the filtered white noise which comes from blowing into the mouthpiece, unsounded. Transposition of pitched content when the tuba is played like a flute. (Remove sections of tubing and mouthpiece. Blow across hole. No really. Sample below.)


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