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three tuba studies

Three studies created using recordings made at SaM workshop 1 in April 2014. Processed using supercollider and protools. I’m working towards a ten minute piece for Oren Marshall which will be recorded in August and performed in Huddersfield in November. Study I – saw Isolating¬† the lip tearing sound at the end of a loud, brassy note and repeating with overlaps. Study II – near/far Separating the close mic feed and the room mic feed of the same sound and looping. Changing listening focal point. Close mic was a DPA omni in the tuba bell, room mic was earthwork cardioid about 2ft from tuba. Study III – tube air Layering the filtered white noise which comes from blowing into the mouthpiece, unsounded. Transposition of pitched content when the tuba is played like a flute. (Remove sections of tubing and mouthpiece. Blow across hole. No really. Sample below.)


SaM workshop one

The first workshop of the Sound and Music higher education programme happened at the Purcell Music school in Bushey in April 2014. Really great three days, thanks to everyone who made it happen. I got to spend some time with the tuba player Oren Marshall exploring extended techniques on the tuba, hearing amazing sounds (tuba-flute anyone?!) and experimenting with different microphones/microphone positions. Thanks to Ian and David of Sound Intermedia for their advice on that front. Here’s a couple of pictures from the workshop. Tuba sounds to come soon!

tuba holes




Oh and there was a cat.